2 B2B

B2B Business to Business
for a customized up-to-trade PROCESS SAFETY RISK ASSESSMENT.
Scope :
1 to 2 weeks at home office studying the clients documentations:
  • Organisation chart
  • Workforce, including contractors, 2015 up-to-date including attritions
  • Safety statistics 2015 up-to-date
  • Incident investigation and reporting procedure
  • further details based on a Contract which should include a confidentiality agreement and a business visa invitation letter
  • Incident reports of the latest 5 fatal / serious                                                        ( = permanent disabilities ) accidents
  • Safety audit plan 2015 up-to-date vs done, latest 5 reports and action plans relevant
  • Training plan 2015 up-to-date vs done
  • Key Personal Indicators

1 week at the customer's site:

  • Interviews top - down
  • Field tours, foto permission requested
  • at the end of this week: 
  • Presentation and Discussion of Findings covering Strengths and Shortcomings ,
  • Implementation status of Legal Regulations ,
  • Cost / Benefit Analyses ,
  • Interface status Men - System - Equipments , 
  •   Recommendations , Quick Wins .                                                                                                                                                                    

The in - depth Report including SIL Safety Integrated Level status , remote Maintenance support tools and Benchmarking will be send within 2 weeks after the site visit, comprising a feasible prioritised Action Plan to achieve an auditable jump in the Safety Management System within 6 months.           Selected benchmarks will be translated into hard $$$ , to demonstrate the affect on your business .                                                                                                                  If needful, the Report will be presented, discussed and re-prioritised at site.

  • It is highly recommended to agree on a Follow-Up Audits 3 months, 6 months respectively after receipt of the Report.

Fees : to be negotiated , all travel expenses paid by the customer .



The RPCS has been developed for small and medium sized manufacturing companies operating in batch processes with clear visions but limited        resources . No travelling costs for the consultant have to be shouldered , fees are negotiable .

It is applicable particulary for Quality intolerancies and Yield / Loss issues . These issues can be investigated and solved by RPCS , which by means of email   and / or telcons .

If requested , a F2F meeting in Europe to learn to know each other can be arranged .

OFFER No 3.1                                                                                                                        This Program comprises Competitiviness and Process Safety Risk Management

especially developed for schools any grade from trade school to university .

Scope :                                                                                                                                     The consultant will address risk and  hazards , potential consequences , detections and  preventions  of key codes in a selected curriculum ,  by workshops at site .                                                                                                           The duration of one workshop usually is 2 hrs ; there can be one in the morning and another in the early afternoon .                                                                            The participating students should have a sound degree of knowledge , discipline and interest .                                                                                                                  There may be no need for interpreters , since the consultant will point out the technical key-words at the beginning of each workshop and the students will compete in finding the correct transcriptions by using the translation feature in their smart phones .                                                                                                              This Program is also useful for lecturers , who are interested to learn , discuss and scrutinize internationally based experience .

The duration of the whole Program is negotiable .

Costs : the client will shoulder the travelling costs + a decent pocket money only.                                                                                              

OFFER No 3.2 Dual Study Program

This offer comprises the introduction , implementation or improvement to worldclass standards of the curricula for Dual Study Programs at Universities or Vocational Academies .                                                                                                         Dual Study Programs are defined by close proactive collaboration of two learning centers , the university for the theoretical parts and a contracted company with focus on the practical applications and values and are highly in demand both in developed and developing markets .                                             Said collaboration is subject to a quality management system to ensure best value for the customers .                                                                                                      Terms are subjects for negotiations .